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It Matters What We Eat When It Comes To Our Mental Health

It Matters What We Eat When It Comes To Our Mental Health

If we try to get the opinions of the experts about the effects of diet, then we come to know that our diet doesn’t only affect our body but it also affects our mental health. There are a lot of researches are done on the effects of diet on our physical and mental health. All of these researches show that nutritious diet is beneficial not only for our physical health but also for mental health. The best resources to find out the formation of the positive and negative effects of diet on our physical and mental health is to contact with the academic writing services. Here, we will discuss the effects of diet on our mental and physical health. 
The diet that can become a cause of improving mental health

First of all, we discuss the best diet plan that can become a cause of improving our mental health. Moreover, with the help of the best diet plan, you can also improve your heart disease and reduce high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and certain effects of cancer. The best diet plan in this regard is given below;

1) To eat fatty fish is essential for us to improve our mental health and boost up the learning and memory. Its reason is that fatty fish has Omega-3 fatty acids that provide support to our brain.

2) If we talk about the primary source of energy for our brain, then we come to know that glucose is the primary source of energy for our brain. The main source of glucose is carbohydrates. You can get enough carbohydrates by eating wheat, oats, rice, beans, soy, and etc.

3) In order to improve the communication system between different parts of the nervous system and the rest of the body, we should try to eat such food that has enough protein.

4) If you want to get rid of depression, anxiety, and fatigue from your mind, then you should try to eat enough leafy greens.

5) In order to reduce the hormones of anxiety and stress from your mind, it is also an unavoidable thing for you to eat fermented foods. The best example of fermented food is yoghurt with active cutters.

6) Some essential and best foods in order to improve the mental health are avocados, beets, blueberries, bone broth, broccoli, and clergy etc.

The diet that can become a cause of losing mental health

There are also some foods that can become the cause of losing mental health for us. These kinds of foods are given below;

1) Tuna is such food that is loaded with proteins. If you consume it only once a week, then your overall body will work in an effective way. On the other hand, if you consume it a lot, then this can become the cause of losing the memory.

2) The soy can also become a cause of losing the mental health issues for the humans.

3) If you consume a lot of alcohol, then it will last a lot of long-term effects on the human health.

4) White rice can also last a lot of problems on the human brain that can disorder a lot of brain functions.

5) Too much orange juice also become a cause of a lot of adverse effects on the human mind.
How To Write A Motivation Letter When You Are Applying For A Grant

How To Write A Motivation Letter When You Are Applying For A Grant

Most of your time and every will be used by the application of your grant, but there is no need to save your energy when it comes to the cover letter and the grant application. The funding request must be the one that attracts the attention of the grant officer. Thereby it is important that hey key points related to the grant be highlighted in the motivation letter or the cover letter. If the cover letter is sloppy and boring, the finder can get irritated. 

Cover letters are used in the case when funding is required from the corporations and the organizations. In the case of state or federal grant, the cover letter or motivation letter is needed. Various important elements of the cover letter are to be included in the letter. One of the main facts that need to be mentioned here is that the motivational letters to be brief and to the point. In the motivational letter, it is seen that the writer needs to get to the point shortly.

The motivational letter should also include the funder requirements and how the writer completes and fulfills the requirements. The funder always reads the motivational letter to see if the writer is aware of all the requirements of the funding. If it is known that the requirements are not understood, the funder can be put off.

It is important that the main requirement of funding be mentioned in the letter in a brief manner. Some of the main areas that are to be mentioned here include the reason that the funding is needed, how and whereexactly the money is to be used. It is important to know that as the funder is given the money and that also in a larger amount so he wants to know w as to where the money is being spent and how is the researcher or the writer planning to send the amount. These are usually the main requirements of the funder.

In addition, one of the other main elements that are to be included in the letter is the level of research that is being conducted and how the research is going to be. Who will be benefited from the research and how the research can or will benefit the community or the society. This is also one of the main points that are important to the finder, he wants to know why the research is being conducted and as to why they funding is needed. Complete finance based details should be added in the motivational letter so the finder knows that the researcher needs the funding for the completion of the research.
Tips on Writing an Interesting and Strong Introduction to Your Essay

Tips on Writing an Interesting and Strong Introduction to Your Essay

Introduction is the part of an essay that starts the essay. This part defines the level of attention that the essay would gain from the reader. There are many ways with the help of which the introduction can be made stronger and even more interesting. Firstly, the introduction for the start should be broad but it should not be too broad. One of the main facts of an introduction of the essay is that it should always let the reader know of what they should expect from the rest of the essay. For instance, if the essay is about hamlet, the introduction should not talk about who Shakespeare was and how his life was. The introduction should include why the topic of Hamlet was chosen and how the essay would take the topic and how the essay will conclude. 
Secondly, the introductions the part of the essay that should have a more relevant background to the essay. This is not the point where the true argument is to be given. This is because this is the introduction of the whole essay itself. The argument is the part of the essay that needs to be included in the rest of the body paragraphs of the essay. All the arguments and the facts that have been included in the essay are the ones that deserve more details and attention. Thereby, they need to be discussed in more detail. This is the main reasons they are to be added in the rest of the paragraphs. It is the background and the context of the essay that has the place in the introduction.

One of the most importantparts of the essay is the thesis. This is the part that usually occurs at the very end of the introduction. The last sentence of the first paragraph is the part that has the thesis of the essay. Althoughit sometimes looks awkward that the thesis has been placed in this place, but what matters is when the overall importance is being gained by the wholeessay in that specific essay than it isworth a try.

The other main try that can be given to the introduction of the essay include the anecdotes. These elements give the essay an interesting start. However, the writer needs to be sure that the anecdotes have to be related to the essay. When the essay is about Maya Angelou, the anecdote about some par to her childhood life can be important. Other than this, it is important that the cliches be avoided at all costs in the introduction. The introduction of the essay can be started with a good definition but longer than that becomes a cliche. This adds into the boredom and a drag into the introduction of the essay. There is no need to write the introduction first. You can always write the introduction when the whole essay has been done with. This will help in better composition of the introduction.
A Study To Identify Key Factors Investors Consider Before Making Investment Decision

A Study To Identify Key Factors Investors Consider Before Making Investment Decision

The process of investing the money in any kind of the business for the purpose of getting the profit is known as the investment. There are various types of investing the money for the sake of the profit like banking products, bonds, stocks, annuities, retirements, insurance, and so on. You should be very careful before investing the capital in any kind of the business. If you are not able to find out the best opportunities to invest the capital, then you can get help from the essay writing services. Here, we will discuss the key factors that you should keep in mind before going to invest the capital in any kind of the business. 

1) Before going to invest any kind of the business, you should try to take a brief overview of all the investment requirements of that business. After getting an idea about all the investment requirements, you should draw a road map of your personal capital.

2) It is a fact that there is some amount of risk almost in all kinds of the business. If you want to become a successful businessman, then you should try to learn the best tips to overcome that risk. In a similar way, before going to invest your capital in any kind of the business, you should try to calculate the risk in that business. After calculating the risk, you will be able to devise the best plan to overcome that risk.

3) You should try to adopt the different techniques before going to invest in a particular firm or organization. These different techniques for the investment are stocks, bonds, and cash. Its reason is that all of these things don’t move up and move down at the same time.

4) The probability of losing the investment or getting profit depends upon the amount of the investment. If you are investing a lower amount in any kind of the business, then this probably will be lower and on the other hand, if you are investing the higher amount, then this probability will also be high. Therefore, if you are going to invest a huge amount of capital in the business, then you should try to do some extra planning.

5) In the field of the business, anything can happen at any time. Therefore, you should try to prepare yourself for the adverse as well as for the best conditions. That’s why most of the investors try to maintain an emergency fund that they can use when there occur some adverse conditions.

6) You should try to start your business with honour and faith. There is no need to use any kind of the shortcut or an unfair mean in order to advertise your business.

7) Another important thing that you should keep in mind before starting any kind of the business is that you should be financially fit. Its reason is that if you are financially fit, then it means that you have enough capital in your account that you can bear the expenses of your business at least for the six months without getting any profit.
Rules to follow while writing a masters' dissertation in APA style

Rules to follow while writing a masters' dissertation in APA style

APA writing style is a popular writing style that is followed by many social sciences or psychology programs. APA format is used by the journals that were published by the American Psychological Association (APA). This document format is present in almost every college bookstore reference section. This APA style is standard and is widely recognized for scientific writing in education.
There are some rules that need to be followed while writing a masters dissertation in APA format along with the instructions given by the teacher.

Ø Ensure the line spacing as it is very important and makes ease for the reader and makes it easy for making changes.

Ø Include the indentations at the beginning of the paragraphs. Some formatting requirements will require to include small indent at each paragraphs’ beginning for this purpose you will have to use the tab key on the keyboard.

Ø Arrange the margins of the page correctly on which you are working. Generally, it is required to include the margins at the left side of the page and the right of any text and the top and bottom of every page as well.

Ø Use the right format for the citation and references as the references and the citations have the ability to prevent anyone from being accused of the plagiarism, and should consist of correct format according to the given instructions in the official style guide of APA.

Ø Abbreviations are not allowed to be used write the full form of the abbreviations such as instead of i.e. write “that is” while the acronyms can be used.

Ø The page numbers are always mentioned on the top write corner of the page of the assignment or the essay in the header.

Ø Punctuation should be used accurately, like know where to use commas, full stop and semi-colon or question mark in your content.

Ø Use & when listing the names of the authors in the in-text citation and in the reference list while use “and” when mentioning about the point of author in the body of your essay or report.

Ø Generally, the numbers that are less than and equals to ten are written as words such as five participants, while the numbers greater than ten are expressed as numerical values or digits such as 100 participants.

Ø The title of the document is in the sentence case it means that the first letters of the words and the proper nouns in the title are capitalised. The first word after a dash or colon is always capitalised in the references.

Ø In the title of the dissertation, each letter in the word is capitalised, except the articles (an, a, the), the prepositions like (in, of, to, against),the conjunctions (for, and, but, nor, or, so, yet)and the infinitive (to).

These are some of the rules to be followed while writing a dissertation in the APA formatting style which is commonly used.
Understanding the Use of References in Assignment Writing

Understanding the Use of References in Assignment Writing

If you are working on your assignment writing project, it is very important that you focus on referencing and understand how it should be used the right way in a paper. It is because your assignment is not complete without proper references and if you fail to use references the right way in your assignment you will not be able to get good marks in class as the teachers will not be able to understand how hard you have worked on your paper.
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No matter in which part of the world you live or study, working on your assignment is a key part of the academic process and you all required to do a good job in order to pass your assessment and get your degree on time. You also need to remember that referencing is a very important part of the academic process and whether you are writing an essay, a thesis or dissertation or even an assignment, you are required to provide proper references so that the teachers can understand which books, journals or newsletters and other sources you have used and how authentic or reliable your research is.

You must understand that referencing is a standardized method for formatting the information sources that you have used in your assignment. You must keep in mind that referencing has two main purposes; firstly it helps to list the sources that have been used for writing the paper and secondly it allows the readers to trace those sources and make sure that they were actually meant for the purpose that they have been used in the assignment.

A reference page is the last page of an essay or an assignment that has been written and it provides all the sources that have been used in the project so that the readers can easily find what they are looking for in context to the information they have read in the paper. There are several styles of referencing that are commonly used universities and students such as APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard and Chicago and they are have their unique ways of listing information about sources.

It is necessary to know that assignments are all research based and your research is not complete or authentic enough, your paper will not be accepted by the teacher and you will not be graded accordingly. From providing the name of the author to the name of the book as well as the page number and the addition from which the information has been taken for your assignment, all this plays a very key role and helps you to put yourself in a better light.

Honest and correct references make it easy for the readers to go through your paper and get what you are talking about as they are not only getting quality information but better ideas about where to look if they want to go in further details. You must understand the right use of referencing in assignment writing in order to handle your papers the best way and succeed in your class.
6 Strategies To Help You Write An Impactful Coursework Task

6 Strategies To Help You Write An Impactful Coursework Task

A strategy is an aim or a plan that is made to write a coursework. This strategy is also important for the students because the resources that are required to achieve the goals are limited. There are two activities that are involved in the strategy. The first is called the strategic planning and the second is called the strategic thinking. Here, we will provide you 6 strategies that are helpful for you to write an impactful coursework.
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1) Analyze the coursework

The first important step to analyze a coursework is to understand the purpose of the coursework. The best way to understand the purpose of the coursework is to read the prompt of the coursework. You should try to pay attention to the process that is required to adopt by your supervisor. It is also necessary for you to understand the form of the coursework paper.

2) Consider the writing situation

You should try to understand the purpose and audience of the coursework before writing the coursework. To understand the writing situation, you should try to get the answers to these questions;

A) What is the purpose of giving this coursework?

B) What kind of the knowledge is required to write the coursework?

C) Why is this particular subject important to you?

D) What is the audience of the coursework?

3) Ask some questions

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you are not able to understand the purpose of the coursework. If you have any doubt about your coursework, then you should try to get the answers to the following questions;

A) What are the learning outcomes of the coursework?

B) What are the difficult terms that are required to write in the coursework?

C) What kind of references are required to gather the information?

Moreover, if you have some doubt about anything else, then you can ask some questions regarding those terms.

4) Try to see a sample

The most important way to write a coursework according to the requirements of the supervisor is to get help from the best samples. First of all, you should try to get this best sample from your supervisor. If you are not able to get a sample from your supervisor, then you can get these samples from the university libraries, online libraries, ProQuest, Academia, and online coursework writing services.

5) Write the coursework your own

After clearly understanding the terms and conditions to write an assignment, the next step is to write the coursework. The most important tips to write the coursework are given below;

A) Try to conduct an effective research by making an outline

B) Never forget to determine your angle

C) Try to discover the concept maps to complete the coursework

D) You should try to organize your work as well as your research

E) Try to write a coursework with the help of critical thinking

6) The last strategy to write a coursework is that never forget to proofread the coursework after completing it. In this proofreading, you will be able to remove all the mistakes from your coursework.