A Guide to MBA Application Essay Writing

While applying for an MBA program at the college or university level, the students have to write an application essay in the form of a personal statement. The topics of the application essays may vary from very specific to open-ended. An application essay provides a chance for the students to reveal their best qualities and tell the audience members how you are better and able compared to other applicants.

Guide to MBA Application Essay Writing 

An application essay should be written well and the students should try to support their ideas with the help of logical arguments. A complete guide to writing an MBA application essay is given below;

1) Brainstorm ideas for your application essay

Most of the application essays come with a prompt or a question. Therefore, you should spend enough time thinking about the question of your application essay.

You should prepare a list of the best topic ideas for your application essay and try to select one of them which is interesting and intriguing to you.

If you are applying to different colleges and universities, there is no need to write one application essay for all the colleges and universities. Its reason is that requirements and guidelines to write an application essay are different for different colleges and universities.

Most of the students just list their extracurricular activities in their application essay. They must know that almost all the students will try to mention these extracurricular activities in their application essays. Therefore, you should try to just mention these activities and your main focus should be on the main theme of the essay.

2) Draft your essay just like a pro

To draft an application essay is one of the most crucial steps to write an essay. Its reason is that while drafting an essay, you will have to organize your thoughts and ideas in the form of an essay.

The first step to draft your application essay is to focus on one topic with the help of clear thesis statement, summarized points and engaging content.

Secondly, the opening paragraph of your application essay should be mind-blowing and it convinces the committee members to read your essay completely.

Thirdly, you should create content in your own voice because it is easy for you to convince the committee members in your own writing style.

Fourthly, while drafting your application essay, you should try to show things to the committee members instead of telling them. In other words, you should demonstrate your points with the help of examples and evidence.

3) Edit your essay

Most of the students underestimate the proofreading and editing process while creating a monument of their essay. Editing and proofreading process provides a chance for the students to polish their essay. Before starting the proofreading and editing process, you should try to walk away from it for a while. After that, you should take an overview of your essay and try to remove all the possible errors from your essay. For the proofreading and editing process, you can also get help from experts of essay writing services.


The structure of an MBA application essay is just like the structure of other essays. While writing an MBA application essay, you just need to select an intriguing topic idea, you should create unique and original content, you should try to convince the committee members, you should adopt a positive tone and you should ensure that your essay is free from mistakes.

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