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In Dissertation, Research and Writing Should Be Done Simultaneously

In Dissertation, Research and Writing Should Be Done Simultaneously

When we are told to follow a certain process for dissertation writing, we are always suggested to follow the whole procedure step by step. It is not possible to write a dissertation and get great marks without following the whole process. Work done spontaneously will have many consequences. First and the most harmful thing that will happen if you write dissertation without following the process is that you will run short of time. You have to do everything to sure that you are not wasting a lot of time. Time is very important in dissertation writing and it must be taken care of. In most cases, people often fail their dissertation due to time limitations.

Experts have come to a conclusion that there is one way you can save heaps of time in dissertation writing. That way will not only save time but will also provide a lot of other benefits as well. That solution is to write and research simultaneously. Writing and research simultaneously helps in saving a lot of time practically. By the time you will be done with your research, your first draft will be in your hands. You will be amazed by how fast you have done the whole thing. A very big reason for that is also that when you do both things together, you don’t take notes separately and write the dissertation later with the help of the notes. Instead you are writing directly and so you will also know what you need more in your dissertation.

This process and this new technique is approved and tried by many people and they now suggest doing the same and that this should be taught and told to the students. Dissertation writing is not just reading, writing, proofreading and submission of your research. There is a lot you have to do to write a dissertation and it involves a lot of work. People are right when they fear the dissertation writing because it is massive work and concluding the dissertation writing is a difficult task. Now if you skip the process in the middle, you will not have an analysis and your content will be just something you have written by looking up on the internet. However there are some dissertation writing services also available from where you will be able to get best dissertation content.

When a dissertation is submitted, it reflects the whole process behind it to your examiner and he judges your work based on everything you have done in the dissertation. Now if you have skipped the process and you have straight away jumped to something then your research and your writing skills, the examiner will not like if and it wouldn’t be very difficult to find that out. If you have been facing issues with your dissertation writing and you think you will not be able to write something enough to submit it, you can hire dissertation writing help. For others, you must follow the suggestion and try to research and write together and save a lot of time.
Eight Essential Strategies to Dissertation Writing

Eight Essential Strategies to Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing Strategies
It is always better to plan something out to make sure everything goes smoothly. Be it your vacation plan, your everyday workout, or something as simple as making your dinner. So when it comes to something as important as writing your dissertation, it’s always better to plan and strategize it well before starting work on it. Now there are a lot of things you need to consider when planning your dissertation writing, however we are listing eight of the most essential strategies you will require. Read on:
  • Figure out a format before you even start typing your first word. There is no fixed format for dissertation writing, so it is best to have that sorted out in your head and then copied down on paper. Then proceed accordingly.
  • Look up any and all the previous research, dissertations, and papers on the topic you are working on. You can use this for your research as well as for writing a Review of Literature for your study. All that data can be used for multiple citations and validity as well.
  • Make sure all your research has valid data and all the sources used are citable. Any missing data beyond this point will just lead to a lot of wasted time and be counterproductive. Use a check box approach to keep track of all the data. In fact, it would be much better if you sources used are the highly citable ones, It might take some time find all the information for your research, but at least it will be valid.
  • It’s a good idea to divide all the different types of data in to their own groups, for example illustrations should be separated and calculations, as well as the interviews and any research data. This will help using it in the right place that much easier.
  • Start working on the appendices and references side by side. So that if you need to refer to your own data you can just use it and save a lot of time that you might’ve wasted just sifting through all of your work.
  • If you need to take any interviews, make sure that you inform and book timings well in advance. And it’s a good idea that you conduct interviews during writing of your dissertation. That way you can complete it side by side, without loss of any data.
  • Digitalize all your data. That means have digital copies readied of all your work that is in ink and paper. Have transcripts of all your interviews made, scan all your illustrations etc 
  • Have all the data you’ve collected, including your research, hypothesis, result, methods, subjects, procedures used, etc listed down and completed, in one location. So that it is easier to go through and use them whenever you need them.

Follow the above tips to help you out through your dissertation writing. These are the strategies that professionals from dissertation writing services use. So you know that they come from the best of the best.