Four Basic Rules of Giving Time to Your Studies

Four Basic Rules of Giving Time to Your Studies

Time to Your Studies
The problem with studying is that you can never seem to give it enough time and you also keep feeling like you are not spending enough time on yourself. Now why would that be? Is it possible that the there is too much work? In fact so much of essay writing and coursework it that you can’t even make time for your personal things? Well that’s not entirely true, let us explain how you can make time for yourself while giving an equal time to your studies as well.

Dedicate Time for Studying: Yes, you need to dedicate a fixed amount of quality time everyday so that your studies do not suffer. Fix the hours if you feel like you cannot trust yourself with flexible timing, it is extremely important that you follow whatever time you set. Might seem a bit tough at first, and you will want to just let it go and complete you essay writing, but will yourself through it. After a few tough days you will feel like you are getting better at it, the end result needs to be so that your study time is hard wired in your schedule and you start feeling uncomfortable if you ever miss it because of whatever reason. If you opt for flexible timing then what you can do is instead of fixing a certain time of study you fix a certain number of hours that you can fulfill whenever you want to. The same rule applies here as well; make sure that you fill in those hours.

Longer Sessions Deserve Breaks: If you’re working long continuous hours, then you should take breaks in between your essay writing tasks. It’s not an option; it becomes a necessity that you have to fulfill in order to keep your productivity at an acceptable rate. An average Joe cannot work long continuous hours without tiring themselves and as a result resulting in poor quality work and low productivity levels. And when we talk about taking a break, we don’t mean a break where you keep mulling over the studies in your head. It means to take a break where you empty your mind of all the work, relax a little and start again fresh.

Make Time for Yourself: Do not forget to make time for yourself, your family and your friends. It’s quite easy to forget them when you’re engulfed in your work, but don’t. They deserve some of your time, and you deserve better than working day and night. You will produce a much better quality of work you will notice it yourself.

Take Help: From anyone you know who can provide you with the right kind of help, like essay writing services. They are professionals who can take the load of, let’s say assignments of your mind and write them for you. Giving you a time out that can help refresh your mind and produce better productivity, while concentrating on other aspects of your studies.
Eight Essential Strategies to Dissertation Writing

Eight Essential Strategies to Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing Strategies
It is always better to plan something out to make sure everything goes smoothly. Be it your vacation plan, your everyday workout, or something as simple as making your dinner. So when it comes to something as important as writing your dissertation, it’s always better to plan and strategize it well before starting work on it. Now there are a lot of things you need to consider when planning your dissertation writing, however we are listing eight of the most essential strategies you will require. Read on:
  • Figure out a format before you even start typing your first word. There is no fixed format for dissertation writing, so it is best to have that sorted out in your head and then copied down on paper. Then proceed accordingly.
  • Look up any and all the previous research, dissertations, and papers on the topic you are working on. You can use this for your research as well as for writing a Review of Literature for your study. All that data can be used for multiple citations and validity as well.
  • Make sure all your research has valid data and all the sources used are citable. Any missing data beyond this point will just lead to a lot of wasted time and be counterproductive. Use a check box approach to keep track of all the data. In fact, it would be much better if you sources used are the highly citable ones, It might take some time find all the information for your research, but at least it will be valid.
  • It’s a good idea to divide all the different types of data in to their own groups, for example illustrations should be separated and calculations, as well as the interviews and any research data. This will help using it in the right place that much easier.
  • Start working on the appendices and references side by side. So that if you need to refer to your own data you can just use it and save a lot of time that you might’ve wasted just sifting through all of your work.
  • If you need to take any interviews, make sure that you inform and book timings well in advance. And it’s a good idea that you conduct interviews during writing of your dissertation. That way you can complete it side by side, without loss of any data.
  • Digitalize all your data. That means have digital copies readied of all your work that is in ink and paper. Have transcripts of all your interviews made, scan all your illustrations etc 
  • Have all the data you’ve collected, including your research, hypothesis, result, methods, subjects, procedures used, etc listed down and completed, in one location. So that it is easier to go through and use them whenever you need them.

Follow the above tips to help you out through your dissertation writing. These are the strategies that professionals from dissertation writing services use. So you know that they come from the best of the best.